Sunday, 22 June 2008

Oh Bugger!

Thursday started well enough: good day's work, photograph taking of some FO's, nice relaxed evening, etc. Then it all went to hell.

We (DH mostly) finished building the shed on Wednesday evening. This was a saga of it-wouldn't-stop-raining-on-the-weekends-we-were-home through to our drill not charging properly. Remember the pictures of it in the snow?

In the end, he borrowed a drill and batteries from a work colleague. Here is the shed, although not in the right place - we have yet to lift it back to where it belongs.

Thursday morning, DH was running for the bus lugging said drill when he twinged his back. When I went to bed, DH was lying in a hot bath feeling the muscle relax. Then bad luck came a-calling....

DH pulled up the plug and also pulled up the plug hole (a.ka. the "trap"). Net result = small flood. The bathwater cascaded through the bathroom floor onto the ceiling in the corner of the lounge. And through that onto the suspended ceiling previous owners had put up in the 1970's. It dripped through one of the light fittings onto the futon which sits in that corner.

To be fair, it wasn't his fault. A couple of weeks ago, I'd been trying to remove hair from the trap when it had lifted up. Not knowing what else to do, I cut off the accumulated crap and put it back. (See how corroded it is. In the middle was once a screw.)

At the time, the bit underneath hadn't dropped. It was still firmly attached to the bath. I mentioned it to DH and, not thinking it through, put it on "watch and wait". That was a mistake - we have no idea how long it had been dripping. We only have one bath and the shower is over it.

The pressure of the bath water caused the underside of the trap to drop. You can see it is no longer lined up.

For several weeks it was only held in place by the pipework and some silicon sealant.

When I grow up, I want to get given B&Q gift vouchers. Their resident plumber gave me a lot of help and advice when I popped in there on Friday afternoon to buy the replacement bits since their kits don't come with written instructions.

DH put the bath back together on Friday night.

We had to wait until this morning for the silicon sealant to dry and I carefully tested it out before having a shower. Not one drop of moisture anywhere. YAY!

And the shower? After two days of sponge baths and not being able to wash my hair, it was absolute bliss!

- Pam (Oh, and the avocado bathroom suite wasn't our choice. It came with the house.)


Lydee said...

oh no! that's terrible! glad to see it's fixed now. how is dear hubby's back?

PipneyJane said...

His back is much better now, thanks. Ibuprofen gel worked wonders.

- Pam