Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Snow day

It snowed on Sunday. I wandered downstairs at 7.30am to find a winter wonderland as London was blanketed in the only decent snowfall of the winter. Regressing to the age of 5, I woke DH by flinging open the curtains ("It's snowing" [squeal] ) and then ran back downstairs to take some photos. In the time it took to get downstairs, it stopped snowing.

This was the view from the front door. Note, one lightly frosted Toy on the far side of the street:

After hastily checking to see if anyone was around, I dashed outside in my dressing gown and slippers, stood in the middle of the road and took this shot of our house:

This was the view from the back door:
And our patio table and chairs:
Do you remember me resolving to buy a garden "cupboard" shed for the mower, etc? Well, we ordered it in January and it arrived at the start of March. We spent one weekend painting it with wood preservative and it's rained or snowed ever since! Behold the new garden shed:

Still waiting to be assembled. Maybe next weekend?

- Pam (the snow melted by 10am)

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