Saturday 1 June 2024

The Finishing Off Project

You may have noticed that I have a real issue where, if I don’t sew my knitting up and weave in ends immediately after finishing it, I never get around to it. A couple of months ago, I started the Finishing Off Project.  The first project finished was Audrey In Unst which had been lurking, waiting for buttons, since 2019.  I had them, so God knows why I didn’t finish it at the time.

I’ve worn this cardigan a lot since I finally sewed on the buttons in February.  Love it!

The second sweater finished was Sandrine, which still needs to be washed, blocked and photographed.  I finished the knitting on it on 1st October last year.  It just needed the ends woven in, the front panels secured together - to stop any gaping - and I decided to turn up the final 5 rows of the body and use them as a hem.  I’ve machine washed the swatch and decided this is definitely one to be hand washed to preserve the stitch definition.

The third sweater finished was When You’re Off Duty, which is a free pattern from the V&A.  The body was finished in February/March 2021 and just needed the sleeves sown on and the collar knitted.  (I did the collar in September 2021.)

There are five projects left on the list:
  • Diagonal Pattern Shirt Blouse from Knitting in Vogue.  This jumper predates both Ravelry and my blog, and has been waiting for me to finish sewing on the collar for about 20 years.  Seriously, I’d forgotten it existed until I was looking for something else.  I restarted sewing down the collar earlier this week and I’m 99% done. All that’s left is to position the short edge of the placket and stitch it down.  However, I’ve just noticed a small hole on the back that’ll need fixing. No others - I’ve checked.  With the exception of buttons, this will be finished today.
  • Entertain in This based on a pattern from the Lux Knitting Book 1936.  That’s been lurking since 2016.  I think it just needs the cuffs sewn down.
  • Trott (aka Carmine).  I finished this one in December 2020.  It only needs the sleeves sewing up.  Seriously, I think I’ve been procrastinating because I know this is going to be a handwash only jumper.  I machine washed my swatch years ago and it shrank to the point where it wouldn’t even make a stubby holder.  I should be able to sew this one up tonight, while watching the Champion’s League Final.
  • Acer Cardigan.  This was finished in 2017 and got worn a few times, but I always had a problem with aligning the button band.  Then I realised that I’d knitted an extra repeat on one front, so it was at least an inch longer than the other!  I’ve ripped out the button band, etc, but never got around to putting it back together.
  • Deco.  Another one that was finished years ago (January 2015), which just needs press-studs sewn on and buttons attached.  I regret not doing button holes.  The button bands are knitted as you go, so I can’t frog them and add button holes now.
I hereby vow to have all of the above finished and wearable before I return to work at the end of July.

- Pam