Thursday 31 December 2009

To sum up

How was your Christmas? Ours was quiet. There were no shocks, no bad news, and no drama. We spent the actual day watching DVDs and then playing games with a friend who came over in the evening. We've visited friends and played "elf delivery service" to their children.

I've spent the last few days feeling grateful for the good things in my life. 2009 has been a hard year for many people. We haven't come through it unscathed, but I don't care. A bad year doesn't define who we are. So what if I'm still not pregnant, or that DH is unemployed? I can still count my blessings. I have a wonderful husband, a loving family and good friends who are almost family. I have a job that pays the bills, a car that works, a roof over my head, hundreds of books to read and a stash of yarn. What more could a girl want?

OK, ok, there are a few things (including the 2 I've already mentioned), but they aren't things that necessarily cost money. And most are within my ability to deliver to myself. They are things that cost time and effort. I'd still like to be able to converse with the Client's staff in their own language (French). I'd like my top C-sharp back ([cough] even B-flat would be nice [cough]). And I'd like to be fit enough to run a half marathon. Maybe that should be my list of New Year's Resolutions?

In an average year, at about this time, I'd have a list of New Year's Resolutions as long as your arm. I think in my best (worst?) year I had a list of 35 Resolutions. This year, I really only have one: to act thoughtfully throughout 2010. That way, if I'm going to be a b*tch about something, then at least I'll have worked out the consequences first. :o)

Seriously, though, "acting thoughtfully" encompasses working towards my goals, being kind to people and being conscientious about my commitments. If I do that, then I will be a better person than I am now, and I will be happier with my life (not that I'm unhappy now, but you know what I mean, don't you?). And I will achieve the things I want to achieve. May the same be true for you.

Happy New Year my friends. During the Havdalah ceremony to close the Sabbath each week, Jews wish each other "Shavu'a Tov: 'a good week, a week of peace, may gladness reign and joy increase.'" For 2010, I would like to wish us all A Good Year. A year of peace. May gladness reign in your hearts and joy in your lives.

- Pam

Monday 21 December 2009

An open letter

To Wokingham District Council AND Reading Borough Council,

Why the F*** didn't you grit the roads?????

Why did it take me two and a half hours to go the 600 metres from the office car park to the bypass? It didn't need to. It wouldn't have if you had done the sensible thing and gritted the roads. It's not as if you didn't have sufficient time before rush hour - it has been snowing steadily since 11am this morning. And you were told this morning that snow would fall.

You didn't even grit the Bypass! Or the King's Road. These are the major roads in your area. Thousands of people travel on them every hour. I'm just grateful that the motorways are maintained by the Highways Agency, so that when I finally got to the M4, I could actually drive at more than 10 miles an hour.

Honestly, you are both a disgrace. The local ambulance service has publicly chastised Reading for not gritting the pavements in the Town Centre; they have had a huge number of call outs due to slips and falls on the ice.


- Pam

Friday 18 December 2009

Geek humour

I heard this on Lime & Violet and thought it was just too good not to share:-


- Pam

Tuesday 8 December 2009

Something turned up yesterday

DH was reading my blog last night while I was getting ready for choir practice. "Click on the link," I said, "so you'll know what the book looks like".

So he did. "Oh! That book."

"What do you mean: 'That book'?" I demanded.

"Nothing," innocent voice. "It looks familiar, that's all."

I go upstairs to brush my teeth. Three minutes later, I return to the lounge and a certain book is lying innocently on the couch. Guess who had "tidied" it away?

- Pam

Sunday 6 December 2009

Missing: One Book

Where the hell is it? I've been through the house THREE times and I can't find my copy of Knitting Classic Style by Veronik Avery. I haven't a clue where it's gone. Nor can I find my working copy (a photocopy) of the pattern I want to make from it. I've looked everywhere!

I'm sure there is a black hole in this house where books I want to read go to hide. Considering that this is a house full of books, at any given moment tracking down the one I want isn't easy, but I've checked all the usual places. It isn't in the "library" (our book-shelf lined third bedroom); it isn't on the coffee table; it isn't under the coffee table; it hasn't hidden itself in one of the three stacks of knitting magazines; it isn't hiding on or behind the stash (I've checked there too, just in case that's where the working copy is hiding); it isn't on the piano pretending to be music, or on the kitchen bookshelf pretending to be a recipe book. It isn't ANYWHERE!

I need this book. More to the point, I need a copy of the Beret Basque pattern if I am to make my MIL another one for Christmas.


How do you tempt a book out from it's hiding place when it is clear it doesn't want to be found?

- Pam (exasperated)

Wednesday 2 December 2009

It's my "birthday" and I'll blog if I want to

Hello, my name is Toy and I'm borrowing PipneyJane's blog. She's one of my humans. We've been together for 9 years now: me, her and the Boy (her DH). He's a nice boy - drives me quite gently, not one of those boy-racer types.

PipneyJane looks after me very well. Every 10,000 miles, she takes me to the doctors' for my checkup and servicing. When I've had bumps and bruises, she gets me repaired as quickly as possible. She's very loyal, too. We've travelled thousands of miles together and she never looks at another car. Not that way. No lusting after Porches or Fords (spit!). I'm hers and that's the way it's meant to be.

When you're a car, you don't really have birthdays - instead, you have milestones. I know PipneyJane has shown you a few of mine. Well, I've just passed a big milestone and I'd like to share it with you myself. So here you are:

200,000 miles as of 12.45am on Saturday 28th November 2009.