Monday, 30 August 2021


  I’m currently knitting “frankensocks” for myself.  Years ago, I bought two 100g balls of Lang Super Soxx, one in blue shades and one in grey.  The blue became a pair of socks for DH and the grey a pair for me.  Beyond size, the only difference in their appearance is the colour.  (Sadly, today, I can’t load the photo directly to this thread.  I’m on an iPad and it’s always hit and miss for photos on the MSE Forums.)

Anyway, I had 20g left of the blue and 35g of the grey.  I’ve been itching to use it up.  My standard socks use 63g-65g of 4-ply.  Since I only had 55g, I thought that, if I shortened the leg by 15 rows, did the cuffs, heels and toes in the grey, then alternated between the two colours row-by-row, I should have enough to make another pair of socks.  I’ve just started the toe of the first sock.  It’s not gone according to plan. I began getting worried about the quantity of the blue, so stopped using it 15 rows into the gusset. (There’s 10g left.)  Ten rows into the foot, I started panicking about the grey...

Rummaging through the stash, I found the unlabelled end of another grey/black/white shaded sock yarn - maybe 5g - and alternated rows with that for 24 rounds.  I think I’ve got enough to do the same on the second sock, but I won’t know for certain until I finish the toe on the first one and can weigh everything.

Wish me luck.

- Pip (Hopefully I’ll be able to share photos at some point.)