Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Prom Socks

I mentioned my "Prom Socks" in an earlier post. They are the socks that I knit at the Prom concerts at the Royal Albert Hall.

It's all the Yarn Harlot's fault! If Stephanie hadn't filled my (virtual) ears with the joys of knitting socks and then gone on to show pictures of The Sock at concerts, I might never have considered knitting at the Proms.

To minimise disruption to other concert goers, I knit the socks on bamboo needles and avoid knitting in the very quiet bits.

Here are a couple of shots of the socks I knitted at last year's Prom concerts.

They're made from left-overs. I only had 35g of the paler blue, so combined it with some scraps. If you look carefully, you can see that the toes and half of one heel are knitted in black, whilst the bands are in navy.

Yes, those are my feet and tracksuit bottoms.

To finish, this is a photo of this year's Prom Sock knitting kit, showing the Opal self-patterning yarn I've mentioned previously.

- Pam

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Jan said...

OK, in the US, Prom refers to a fancy dance, usually in the spring, mostly for high school seniors.

Clear this is not what you're referring to, so what is Prom?