Tuesday, 17 June 2008

News on Must Have Cardigan

I received the following email from Cleckheaton this morning:

Dear Pamela Please contact the following online retailer here in Australia to purchase Cleckheaton Country 12ply shade 0006 Black to complete your garment as this is the closest replacement.

Result! (I hope.) I dashed off a quick thank you email.

Sadly the retailer they linked to didn't have any Country 12ply in stock(!) which is why I'm not displaying their link. Instead, I did a quick "visit" to one of my favourite shops EVER: Tapestry Craft in Sydney and purchased 6 skeins for $27 plus p&p. Yes, I know, that equates to 300g but given my past experiences with this yarn running short, I thought buying far too much was a wise move.

I've decided to knit the second sleeve alternating both yarns, in order to blend the new yarn in as much as possible. Depending on how successful the colour and texture match is, I may have to rip out the original sleeve and do it the same way so that they match.

In the meantime, the cardi remains in my penalty-box and I've turned to small projects to fill the gap. I finished crochetting this scarf on Saturday. My pattern differs a bit from the Interweave one - I'll post the details when I get the chance to put up a photo. I'm currently working on a beret for my MIL.

- Pam

PS: If you are into needlepoint, have a look at Tapestry Craft's kits, particularly the Sydney Habour series. I've travelled half way around the world to get Sydney Harbour by Night .

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Myownigloo said...

Glad it worked out.