Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Dear Cleckheaton

Dear Cleckheaton

I guess I'm emailing asking for a miracle. 20-odd years ago, I crocheted a jumper from the Australian Wool Corporation's Crochet Book which used Cleckheaton 12 Ply. The jumper wasn't a great success, so eventually I frogged it and recycled the yarn to use in a cardigan.

I've done the back, both fronts and one sleeve. Half way through the sleeve, I began to worry that I'd run out of yarn so, when I finished it, I weighed it and the remaining wool. I'm probably 200g short (50g to finish the remaining sleeve and 100g to do the bands, plus 50g for comfort).

You don't by any chance still manufacture this yarn? Even under a different name? If so, could you sell it to me? Or give me the website address or email address of a supplier who would be willing to sell to the UK (I'm a misplaced Aussie)? I need it in black. I don't have a ball band, so I couldn't supply the dye number/dye lot for you to look up.

If you don't still manufacture this yarn, could you please supply me with any details of the spinning that might be useful to help me find a reasonable substitute? Any information would help.

Many thanks.


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