Tuesday, 1 April 2008

holiday knitting

Remember how much knitting I was going to pack for our holiday? I had to leave the Must Have Cardigan at home - it didn't fit into our suitcase. Yes, that's right, our suitcase - the Toy only has room for one case, so DH and I fitted everything into one bag. Introducing a rather overstuffed, Cecil B. de Suitcase:-

All 26 inches of him. It was a bit of a struggle to fit everything in. Inside was a week's clothes for both of us including DH's suit and good shoes for the wedding, my dress and shoes, all our toiletries and enough layers to put on in case it turned freezing. The smaller pocket was stuffed with sock yarn, three skeins of fancy stuff for Kim's scarf and a book; the larger pocket scored the dirty laundry.

Lack of baggage space didn't stop me taking along enough yarn for one and a quarter pair of socks. Here is the quarter, made from 20 grams of Regia 6-Fadig in Passion.

20 g is all I had left-over from a Christmas present for a friend. I have ordered another 50g skein, but it didn't arrive in time for our holiday (and still hasn't - grrr ). That was Sunday night's knitting; the rest of our trip was spent working on these:

These are yet another example of my use it up socks, this time a mixture of Opal Lollipop sock yarn (in lilac IIRC) and Lisa Souza's Sock! in ecru). Note the toes. Normally, when I do use it up socks, I knit the toe in the feature yarn. This time, I'd completed the first sock including grafting the toe, and was half way through the second heel when I ran out of yarn and had to resort to extreme measures:

Shocking, isn't it? Sock cannibalism in the act. :o)

- Pam

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