Sunday, 16 March 2008

And we're off......

It's the week before Easter and DH and I are taking advantage of the four day week/Bank Holidays to have a little holiday. The trigger was a wedding on Easter Thursday somewhere near Liverpool.


We'll be visiting Hay-on-Wye for two nights (the second-hand book capital of the UK or possibly the world!). My goal is to find a recipe book that was published during World War 2.

Second step of our trip is Chester. Our plan is to visit the Roman ruins, browse the shops and sleep! Looks like we'll miss the food festival by a few days.

Third stop is
Anfield, home of Liverpool Football Club (DH's team, mine is Chelsea). We'll be doing the Stadium Tour, visiting the museum and hopefully stepping out onto the pitch. DH has a list of things he wants to buy from the Liverpool Shop, including a couple of surprise presents for other Liverpool supporters.

Fourth is Jon's wedding. It's in a country house hotel somewhere outside Liverpool (I don't actually know where - I can never remember the name of the place).

Fifth is our stagger home down the M6/M42/M40 on Easter Saturday. If we want to stop for the night somewhere we will, but chances are we'd have got to the stage of wanting to sleep in our own bed by then.

What to knit

Since I'll only have to do half of the driving, I'll have loads of time to knit.

I've decided this is a sock knitting trip. Plain socks. I learned my lesson in Canada - you can't knit a twisted rib pattern in the dark when you can't see to continually check the pattern for
"And what do I do now?". This is also part of my "use it up" drive, since I'm planning to use up the leftovers from two more pairs of socks. (Am I the only knitter who tries to use up those half-balls of yarn that get left over at the end of a project? They offend my frugality.)

I'm also packing the yarn to make a scarf for Kim for her birthday - that will take 4 hours. And the
Must Have Cardigan for working on in the evenings. And yarn for another sock in case I run out in the car. And.....


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