Saturday, 30 April 2011

Royal Wedding

Did you watch it?  What did you think of the dress, etc?  And what about the guests' dresses?

DH and I watched it from the comfort of our sofa.  I didn't really consider trekking into London to try a be there in person - after all, if you didn't have an invitation, how much would you really see?  There'd be crowds and crushes and queuing and standing for hours (and England's unpredictable but usually cold weather), and that just isn't me. So I watched it all on the BBC.

Most of the dresses were beautiful.  Kate looked stunning and her gown was an absolute classic with it's sweetheart neckline and lace over-top.  Her sister's dress was also beautiful - I loved the line and the fit - 1930's curvy.

On a negative note, Beatrice and Eugene need someone to take them in hand and dress them.  They're in their early '20's and yet they looked like mutton dressed up as lamb.  One (the redhead) wore an OK outfit but the colour completely wiped out her complexion;  the other wore a good colour, but the cut just made her look dumpy and fat.  Both of them need to be given make-up lessons, since their eye make-up just looked tarty.  

Personally, I thought it was a lovely wedding.  With the exception of the crowds outside and the world's media watching, it could have been anyone-else's wedding, albeit one where a lot of money was spent.  William and Kate are such nice, normal people. Outside their Royal duties and visits to his family, they live a normal life - grocery shopping, cooking each other meals, making tea for their friends/colleagues.  They've both held down jobs and earned their own income.  I just hope the press will give them the benefit of a private life and leave them alone when they're not "on duty".

They are very much in love and obviously very good friends.  I wish them a long and happy life together.  If they're as happy as DH and I, they will be very lucky indeed.

- Pam

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