Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Today's prayer

"Lord, in order to give me strength to get through the day, keep your arm around my shoulder and your hand over my mouth"

Today was a stressful day, so when I read the above on a post by Tconi, I thought "yes, please!".  The network is out to get me.  I'm at Site so expect it to take longer to save or open files, but 5 minutes to open a file on my C: drive(!) is ridiculous.  It was taking 10 minutes or  longer to save that file when I was accessing the copy on the server.  Still, I managed to complete some very important and time critical tasks today.  Yay!

The BIG Boss is staying at my hotel tonight.  I don't like him and don't enjoy my encounters with him.  Fortunately, I'm going out to dinner with some colleagues tonight to celebrate someone's birthday.  (We're going for a curry in Cleethorpes.)  Much to the disappointment of my Project Director (who I like and who is also staying here), who will be entertaining the Boss without reinforcements.

- Pam

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