Sunday, 28 February 2010


Finished:  two pairs of socks.

Toasty Toe Up Socks

These are the Buffalo Gold socks I mentioned last month.   I actually finished them on 25th January.

Very cozy and very warm.  Knitted from the toe-up.  Only thing I'd consider doing differently is that, next time, I might make the foot a little shorter, since the heel is a bit baggy.

Almost Södera Socks


Södera is a free pattern by Vilma Vuori which I found on Ravelry.  I've modified it a bit because I couldn't visualise the German heel when I read the pattern and, since I was away somewhere without free broadband, I couldn't look up other people's projects on Ravelry to see how it looked.  Also, I just did a normal cuff and not the one given in the pattern.

String:  Regia 4-ply.  100g all used up.
Sticks:  2.5mm needles.

I haven't worn these yet, so I don't know how well they will stay up.*

- Pam

* edited later to add:  They don't stay up very well.  I'll need to weave in some decent elastic.

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