Monday, 8 February 2010

I had a colb

I've got a code -- a code --
   A bost udpleased code;
I caddod sig a sog of sprig,
   I caddod bake ad ode.
For inspirashud will nod cub:
   I'be feelig very blue;
Oh, would that I was -- 
   Ah --
      Ah --
         Ah -- h --
               Kish -- SHOO-O-O!!
(extract from K'shoo by C J Dennis (1876-1938)

Hello, did you miss me?  I was out of Blogland for a while due to a combination of things -  a head cold (a classic "URTI" [upper respiratory tract infection]),and  the games convention "Conception".

This year's convention was pretty much like last year's but I forgot to re-read the list of things to bring along, so, yet again, no garlic crusher.  Must also remember tinfoil next time.


Learned  the hard way that beer/alcohol and some cold medications don't mix.  In a vain attempt to stop my nose running/sneezing, I doped myself up on "cold and flu" tablets as well as using one of those nasal sprays.  I felt fine until after the second or third half of bitter when I returned from the bar to find DH occupying warming my seat.  He offered to stand and I said "No, it's fine.  I'll stand up for a while".  Two minutes later, my head was swimming and I felt like I was going to faint.

I didn't make it to the end of the quiz that night.  And I didn't touch another drop of alcohol until Friday evening, when I'd stopped taking the meds.


Best quote of the convention:

Middle-aged gamer complaining to his friend:  “Why do I get the option of “adult entertainment” when all I want to watch is sport? Why can’t I have sport?”


Best t-shirt slogan:-


sold by Pagan Angel.   Yes, I bought one.

Convention Knitting:

As usual, I knitted my way though the convention.  I finished my first project before I played in my first game:

Pattern: Weekender Beret by Woolly Wormhead, from the latest issue of Yarn Forward magazine.
Yarn:  1 skein of Rowan Cocoon, in the Mountain colourway.  A lovely, silky soft yarn to knit with.
Sticks:  6mm circulars.
Next time:   I don't think I got gauge.  This is certainly less slouchy than the one in the magazine photos, but I may also have not made the main section deep enough (I was so eager to cast off and wear this).  Or maybe I made the wrong size, since my head measurement came half way between the medium and the large.

My second project is a pair of Sodera socks, designed by Vilma Vuori.  (The pattern is available as a free, Ravelry download, here).  I don't have any photos yet, although I have finally finished the first sock, nearly a week after the end of the convention. 

Main things to note are that, in my cold-cure addled brain, I couldn't visualise how the instructions for the "plain German heel" would work, so applied Knot Another Hat's  toe-up sock formula for the heel instead.   Now, of course, the instructions make perfect sense.


DH passed another birthday while we were at Conception.  Here he is modelling his birthday present from me:

And a better shot of the hat:

Pattern:  Montreal Tuque by Veronik Avery.  From her Knitting Classic Style.
Yarn:  Wensleydale Longwool Sheepshop's DK.  Used less than 1 ball.
Needles:  3.5mm circular using magic loop.


I think that's all for now.

- Pam


Brenda said...

That beret is really pretty!

You seem to be on a blue kick...

PipneyJane said...

Thank you. It's rapidly becoming my favourite hat. The yarn just calls to me.

Yes, I think I am on a blue kick, particularly that shade of blue. If you look at my stash in Ravelry, I have at least 4 different yarns in the same shade as the hat (1 sock, 1 bamboo blend, the hat wool and then the possum yarn). Last summer, I had to consciously stop myself buying Rowan Kid Silk Haze in that shade - in the end, I got it in black.

- Pam (Disclaimer: the hoodie you can see me wear with the beret is actually navy)