Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Decision time

While I was waiting for the Network to talk to me today, I finally worked out what my Knitting Olympics project will be.  I'm going to knit a Baby Surprise Jacket (Rav link), as designed by the legendary Elizabeth Zimmerman.

Unlike the other patterns I considered, it will be a challenge - the construction is rather singular - but a quick browse of Ravelry tells me that completion is achievable in the shortened timescale I have available.  (I won't be able to cast on until Friday, almost a week into the Olympics.)  Also, it looks great striped, which will fit in with my plan to only use stash yarns.  And, best yet, I don't have to buy the pattern - I have a copy of The Opinionated Knitter, the book in which it is published.

I wish I was at home so that I could cast on now!  Hopefully the book will be easily accessible.

- Pam  (all eager now!)

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