Friday, 2 January 2009

Joining the new frugality

Dear Diary,

2nd January 2009:
Have just observed the ruin of my finances at the bank and (excluding new laptop, already saved up for), I'm broke. I'm broker than broke. I have £200 left in the world - or at least until pay day on the 31st - which will cover fuel for the car for the month but not much else. I can't keep going on like this. It's ridiculous. I earn a good living but it vanishes on bills.

So.... Along with half the country, have decided to join the new frugality. Everywhere you look are articles, TV and radio programs about cutting spending and saving money. Have brushed the dust off the cash diet. Am virtually giving up spending for January. Have even avoided the sales! Fortunately all the regular bills are paid and I've already contributed my share to the grocery kitty. And my knitting needs are insulated as there's plenty of yarn in the stash. Pity about my work suits needing dry cleaning. [ sigh ]

Am now waiting for roof to leak, appliances to suicide and car to break down. (What else happens when you have no money?)

- Pam

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Lydee said...

total bummer. may all appliances be well this month and may fuel not go up in price. here's to a speedy month!