Friday, 14 March 2008

The Yarn Harlot's story about packing extra yarn for her daughter made me laugh yesterday when I finally got to read it. When I travel, my first and most panicky thoughts are "What will I read?" (you don't want to run out of book half way through a trip) and "What knitting shall I pack?".

In fact, yesterday morning it took me twice as long to decide what knitting to take - do I start a new sock? Or just take the Must Have Cardigan? - than it did to work out which clothes I'd be wearing for my two day business trip. In the end, I packed the Must Have Cardigan. Don't know why I was so worried - it's not as if anyone will allow me to actually knit at the airport or on the plane! Could someone PLEASE tell the European airlines/airports that the EU changed the rules TWO YEARS AGO and declared knitting a safe activity!

The book was easier. I decided that on Tuesday. I'm currently reading the story of the Grameen Bank after hearing it's founder, Mohammed Yunnis, interviewed on the radio. It is an eye opener! I'll write a review of it after I finish.

- Pam

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Christi said...

I had to go book-shopping in Ireland. Okay, "had" probably isn't the right word. "Wanted to" is closer, but it was still a necessity. The half-dozen cheap paperbacks I took (the read and abandon method) didn't last through the flight over, thanks to a six-hour layover in Newark. But if I'd packed enough books to last through the trip, it would have been my whole carry-on.

I came home with some nifty books, though, mostly stuff that I'd never find on this side of the pond. Too bad I never managed to track down a used bookstore. It might have helped with the sticker shock.