Saturday, 12 December 2015

Thoughts on friendship

I had lunch yesterday with a very dear friend, someone I absolutely adore but don't see these days on a regular basis.  It brought home to me a few things:-

1). Good friends can pick up their conversations where they left off, even if it's been weeks apart.

2). Friendship is about sharing your lives, your hopes and your dreams.   You need never worry about sharing the latter with a true friend. They will help you clarify your dreams, not laugh at them.

3). There is no such thing as TMI in a conversation with someone you are really close to.

4). When you really  love your friends, tell them. Life is fragile.  They deserve to know.  There is nothing nicer than the feeling you get when you know you are loved by someone - it is like being wrapped in a hug.

- Pam

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