Friday, 10 July 2015

My Favourite Toy

There's something I have been meaning to rave about it on the Blog for ages.   Do you remember back in the 1980's/1990's, when you'd read science fiction books and the hero/heroine would reach for their "communicator" or "link" to look up something on the computer?  Or to make a video call/read a document/watch TV?  Or to record something?  I remember wistfully thinking "I wish I had one of those!".  Well, four years ago, I got one - I purchased my first iPhone - and, as far as I am concerned, my iPhone is the Best. Toy. Ever!   I use it for everything.

Really, I do. I currently have a 64GB iPhone 5, bought a year ago, and there's less than 10GB free.  As well as making calls or sending text messages via my phone network, I access my bank from it; quickly surf the internet to find out or confirm something; read my latest book via Kindle at lunchtime; chat to Our Man in the Middle East via WhatsApp;  chat to my sister in Australia for free on Viber.  It's my primary camera and stores most of my music.  I've written blogs on it (although the Blogger App is a bit clumsy).  I talk to friends and family on Facebook; visit Ravelry for knitting inspiration; download and listen to podcasts, as well as audio books while I drive.  Every morning, you'll find me doing my daily French lesson on Duolingo (which is free).   There are exercise programs I attempt follow (look out for the free 7-Minute Workout and RunKeeper).  For calorie counting, I use My Fitness Pal.   I use the BBC apps all the time, including iPlayer and iPlayer radio.

So much of what I use on the iPhone is free.  As well as podcasts, most of the 100+ Kindle books I have were free via BookBub (or discounted to 99p).  All the BBC content is free.  As is Duolingo and the Learn French videos on youtube.

The only thing that detracts from my iPhone is the network.  A year ago,  when I upgraded to the iPhone 5, I switched to Vodafone and I'm not impressed. Can't get a consistent signal anywhere.  Can't get a signal at all for large tranches of the day in my office - never had a problem with my old network - and even in the centre of London I've had problems.   I am counting the days until I can break the contract.

Excuse me.  I'm off to play with my Toy.

- Pam


Monday's Child said...

I hear you!
In the palm of my hand is a device that lets me do SO MUCH COOL STUFF! I can talk to people on the other side of the world! And do it while I am walking down the street! Holy moly!
I can read, listen, play games, take notes, get my bank balance or pay bills (from a public park during a picnic if I want to!), check the news, see a restaurant's menu and make a reservation, book a vacation, all without even talking!
My phone is everything but a phone, 99% of the time. And one of the greatest inventions since the combustion engine, in my opinion.

Mother of Chaos said...

DARN IT, PAM!! I have been resisting moving to an iPhone for YEARS...but in rapid succession, my old HTC developed a tiny (but annoying) screen crack, AND it has been getting slower and slower and s-l-o-w-e-r at doing even basic smart-phone-y things...and then my carrier just sent me a letter a few weeks ago saying, "LOOK. You've had that phone for NINE YEARS. NINE. We don't mean to be rude or anything, but, we're turning off the network it uses in November. So, you know. MAKE PLANS."

Then I used the husband's iPhone to do some stuff while we were on vacation (because mine was basically an inert [but very shiny] ROCK once we got off the home wifi) and it was all fast and the Apple version of the apps I use was much easier to use and I was like, "Hmm, this is kind of...NO! NONONONONONO! I will not iPhone! I WILL NOT!"

And now, THIS. Y'all are CONSPIRACY-ING behind my back, AREN'T you?!