Thursday, 29 May 2014

Thinking in Bullet Points

This morning, I came to the conclusion that I think in bullet points.  If you receive an email from me, chances are it'll started off with a small paragraph along the lines of "Please find enclosed the ..blah..blah... Please note the following:-...." followed by numbered bullet points.  There might be a table or two thrown in there for illustrative/explanatory purposes, but the majority of the email will be in bullet points.

Even when I'm trying to identify a problem or work out a solution, I'll end up with a list of bullet points.  Often, I'll start writing down whatever-the-problem-is in a blank email, work my way through the issues, and suddenly there'll be half a dozen bullet points on the screen, possibly being arranged and rearranged until they make sense.

Frequently, my bullet points have their own bullet points....

It's got to the point that, this morning, I was driving into work, making a mental list about things that needed to get done today and realised that the list in my head (which I was mentally projecting onto the windscreen) consisted of a load of bullet points, with sub-bullet points and the odd arrow thrown in for good measure.  And this was all going on in my head!

I need to get out more!

- Pam


Monday's Child said...

Wait... you mean that isn't normal?

I do it all the time. Often even in replies to blog posts (though I'm going to try not to here, just on principle). I think it help me to organize my thoughts, and I hope it helps the recipient to understand them.

Or maybe I'm just weird.

Mother of Chaos said...

OMG. Are you quite sure we aren't related?!?!

(True story: I once - ONCE - sent an email utterly devoid of bullet points. The lack of bullet points was immediately picked up as the 'key takeaway' of the email by the recipients.)