Wednesday, 2 May 2012

New Month Resolutions

Last week I decided in a fit of new month resolutions, that I should once again become a keeper of lists. I have all sorts of lists in mind: some aimed at chalking up achievements (miles walked, "road kill" coins found); others aimed at becoming more organised (a pantry stocktake, cataloguing my books). I think the idea was inspired by the signature blocks of the people on, where people track absolutely everything they think relevant in order to meet their goals.

I've started with counting Weight Watchers points (again), micro-budgeting and counting up my road kill coins. Am also watching my accounts like a hawk. I'll start recording my miles walked when I actually do some.

I guess my main motivation is the thought that how can you tell how far you have come, if you don't know/remember where you were when you started?

How about you? How and what do you track?

- Pam (spreadsheet queen)

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