Wednesday, 11 April 2012


I am tired. Had to fly "up north" this morning to participate in the delivery of two days' training. I've been awake since before 4am and it is beginning to show. My concentration is shot (and has been for hours).

I could have sworn I had the beginning of a blog post earlier - something about sunrise over Heathrow - but it's gone. All I can tell you is that the sunrise was particularly good when viewed from Terminal 5 this morning. Very yellow/orange.

Oh and the ladies toilets reminded me of something I observed in Bahrain: even the most Arabic of women will, if given the choice, wait to use a western-style toilet rather than a squatting one. Architects take note.

- Pam

ps: The walls in this hotel are paper thin. My boss is in the next room and I can hear him on the phone. Am 99% sure the guy on the other side, who just coughed, is another colleague.

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