Wednesday, 21 March 2012

A brief note before I run out the door....

Just in case you start wondering what has happened to me, I thought I'd tell you in advance.  We're going on holiday.  Tonight. For 10 days.  To Oman, about which I know vitually nothing. Don't think I'll have internet access but we'll be back on Saturday 31st March, when I hope to blog with pictures, etc.  Always assuming I don't get arrested for carrying dangerous implements like knitting needles and crochet hooks, that is.

Instead of knitting, I'm taking crochet on the plane.  Since we're going somewhere where it's 35C, I'm reverting to the old days when I'd crochet in summer because it was less uncomfortable with swollen fingers.  My plan is to crochet the Moth Wings Shrug from Interweave Crochet 2010.  In France last year, I bought two balls of a mohair-silk blend directly from the producer, at a market stall.  I'll put one of those in my handbag, together with a 2.25mm hook and a photocopy of the pattern and see what happens when I get to Security.

Cecil B-da-suitcase is almost packed.  It's got the essentials:  sock yarn, spare needles, multiple sizes of crochet hook (in case I can't get gauge with the 2.25mm), and another ball of the mohair-silk.  Oh, and clothes.  And toiletries. Still have to empty my handbag of my portable knitting kit (that'll go into Cecil, too).

See you in a fortnight.

- Pam

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