Wednesday, 26 October 2011

It pays to shop around

I should be fuming.

The Toy turns 11 next month.  With his insurance due for renewal, I went on line to compare quotes.  His current insurer is quoting me £50/month or a one off payment of £560 for fully comprehensive insurance including business cover - £20/month more than I was paying the same company a year ago.  In fact, it's more than I was paying when he was brand new!

Lured by their advertising, I logged onto and typed in my details. Everything exactly the same.  Half-way down the list of insurance quotes was my current insurer, quoting exactly half what they quoted to me.  So I phoned my insurer.  "Sorry, madam, we can't match that quote....You're an existing customer and that makes you ineligible."

Huh?  So you don't want to keep my business then?   Good-bye.

Frustrated, I turned back to the quotes on the internet.  Directly above my current insurer and £2 cheaper was a subsidiary of the same company.  Five minutes later, I've bought identical car insurance through them.  And scored a free Meerkat toy, with my own Meerkova Village Parade.  Enjoy!

- Pam

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