Thursday, 18 August 2011

Proms were attended

Thursday night, DH and I went to the Proms, where we saw the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra perform together with Dejan Lazic play Brahms' 'Piano Concerto No. 3' in D major (reworked from the violin concerto), and Julian Lloyd-Webber play Holst's Invocation.  The music was beautiful but, seriously, Julian, you're 62 - get a decent haircut!

The highlight was Elgar's Enigma Variations, glorious as always. Nimrod was over far too fast. My other favourite movement is the one describing Dan the dog falling into the river and barking when he got out (see the program notes available on the above link).  It is very evocative.

Friday night was another Prom, the Film Music Prom performed by the BBC Concert Orchestra.  It started life as part of a celebration of ten years of Wittertainment a.k.a. Mark Kermode's and Simon Mayo's film reviews (available on BBC Radio 5 and as podcasts on i-Tunes. Well worth a listen).  A couple of weeks ago, I caught up with the podcast episode where Mark, Simon, Keith Lockhart (the conductor) and some guests debated what music to include.  It was a pleasure to finally hear it all performed live.

Highlights?  Star Wars, of course.  And the theme music from Murder on the Orient Express has been playing in my head for the last few days.  Also, having not seen the film, I didn't realise that the shower scene in Psycho went on for so long or that the knife was wielded quite so many times.  

Finally, on Saturday, we went to the Comedy Prom which was lead by Tim Minchin.  Lots of comic songs and very funny guests (Kit and the Widow are brilliant.  So are the Mongrels, I'd like to catch their BBC TV series now).  It'll be broadcast on BBC2 on August 27th and I'll be taping it to watch again.

  - Pam

PS:  Prom Socks were knitted throughout these events.  When you sit in the gods (a.k.a. the Circle) the performers can't see you, so knitting quietly on wooden needles (no clack-clack) is fine.

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