Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Cut off

I left my mobile phone at home this morning.  It's amazing how bereft I feel without it, considering that I can count on one hand the number of phone calls I make on it during the average working week.  But it's my main way of communicating with DH during the day.

I realise it's the ability to communicate easily with him that I miss.  Sure he can call my work number and I've got his mobile number if I need to call him, but I can't dash off a quick text about something unimportant but informative (e.g. "Went to butcher, bought x, y & z for freezer" or "dinner tonight, will cook Y.  If you get home before me, please chop onions, mushrooms & garlic"). I use texts for things that aren't time sensitive but keep him informed about what I'm up to or to make him smile; the sort of things you'd use an email for but he doesn't regularly access his email during the day. 

Today, I'd like to wish DH luck when he gives blood this afternoon.  And to tell him that I'll try packing "Junior", my carry-on suitcase when I get home so that he doesn't have to dig the next largest one out of storage. 

[ sigh ]

I'll just have to remember to tell him when I get home.

- Pam

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