Friday, 18 February 2011

Got my voice back

Hello, did you miss me?  It feels like forever since I last wrote.  Where do I start?  I've written a thousand blogs in my head but now they've all vanished. (Typical.)

OK, let's start with the computer.  I took it to a local tech place, where they found a damaged sector and nothing else.  There were no viruses, no bugs, no identifiable cause for Windows going SNAFU. I got it back last weekend - they did a complete rebuild and reinstalled Vista together with all the drivers.  £69 very well spent.   There is only one remaining problem:  my bluetooth mouse won't work.  I haven't tested yet whether the problem is the mouse or the computer.  If the latter, then it's a physical problem and not the driver - I've managed to test the driver.  Any suggestions?

In other news, I have new glasses - my first pair of verifocals*.  Collected them this afternoon. They look pretty similar to my existing glasses, so no great change there.  First impressions of verifocals:  the reading "corner" by the nose is fine, easy to adjust to;  it's the change of focus out by the arms that is weird.  I wasn't expecting that.  It's like looking into a mirror in a hall-of-mirrors and using the reflection to see with.  It only happens if I turn my eyes instead of my head to look at something at a range of 3 feet or so away.  Monday night's rehearsal is going to be a big test - can I read my music and watch the conductor without feeling sea-sick?

- Pam

* This feels like a further step in the transformation into my mother.  Not only do I look like her and suffer her infertility problems, I've developed her eyes too.  Short sight and long sight in the same eyeball.  < sigh >

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