Saturday, 6 November 2010

To the woman who taught me horticulture in year 9

I wish I could remember your name.

Our weekly 1 hour sessions seemed a bit like a waste of time - we suspected that we were really cheap labour for the school (remember all the times you had us digging in the kindergarten garden?  I do. That soil was root-bound and rock yard).  You really didn't inspire us to become gardeners.  However, you did teach me some useful things: how to graft roses; how to grow plants from seed, prick them out and pot them on; how to prune. 

Now, I wish you'd taught us more of the useful stuff and used us less as a workforce.  Soil improvement would have been useful.  Composting would have been useful.  Pest control would have been useful.  We learned none of those things. 

Why didn't you teach us about growing vegetables and maintaining a vegetable plot?

- Pam (OK, I'll concede your attempts at getting us to dig did help this morning when I turned over the plot)

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Myownigloo said...

Oh, that's horrible! I hope she reads your blog.