Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Telekenesis anyone?

One of the stranger side-effects of all our building work is being without a stash.  Virtually all my yarn is in a storage unit, with the majority of our belongings.  The stash is corralled into at least two boxes, two baskets and a pine blanket box, in the furthest corner of the unit, behind everything else.

When we were packing up, I set aside the wool for the Brown Cabled Cardigan, as well as two pair's worth of sock yarn.  I've finished three pairs of socks since then (I had one pair on the needles).  Since I'm going "cold sheep", this lack of yarn has made me think about what I'll do with the little bits I have.  At home, I'm knitting on the cardigan, so that's a no-brainer.  I have a long neglected travel knitting project, the Bolero Cardigan from the Summer 2008 edition of Verena, which gets centre stage now that I'm out of socks.  I'll get very close to finishing it this week, while I'm at site.

Right now, I have three partial skeins of sock yarn left and they aren't compatible so can't be combined into a pair of socks.  (One is DK; the others, 4ply.  The colours wouldn't mix either.)  I could really do with a session rummaging through that dark brown basket, which is full of single skeins and sock yarn.   I don't want to do a big raid - I'd just like to extract a skein of Lisa Souza's Sock!  in Ecru, so that I can knit contrasting feet onto the remnants of the 4-ply.  (Sorry, I know I haven't posted photos yet.  I will get around to them when I post my Sit.Rep at the end of the month.)

More importantly, there are a couple of skeins of pink Alpaca buried in there that I'd like to give to a friend's mum.  She's a knitter and she's not very well and I'd like to give her something special to play with.  I reckon it will be another six weeks before we clear out the storage unit and I don't know if I can wait that long.  I'm wondering if I can persuade DH to dig it out for me.  Knowing my luck, it won't be in the brown basket (probability it's in there = 70%).

In my heart of hearts, I know can't really ask him to do it.  There are dozens of boxes in the way as well as a couple of pieces of furniture.  I wish I could TK the damn basket to the front of the unit and save all the effort needed to move boxes around/out of the way.

- Pam


Mother of Chaos said...

Noooooooooo! Not the stash separation!!!

That was the worst part of our remodeling a couple years ago. My stash being in storage was just...ARGH.

Fingers crossed that what you need is right on top, easily snagged without a lot of fuss and bother...

City of said...

Oh, go buy some new yarn. That's the only reasonable answer to your dilemma. LOL.
Nancy FP