Wednesday, 28 April 2010


It's two days to the end of the month and I'm impatient to get paid. This month's paypacket is the first after I was told I'd received a small raise and I want to see how much that translates to after tax and NI. I know it won't be much - somewhere around £60 extra a month in my pocket. But it'd be nice to know for sure - the perfectionist in me wants precision and my old rule of thumb, that each £500 translates to £25 net a month, has been complicated by changes to the NI rates and deductions for pension contributions, the employee share scheme and me buying an extra week's holiday (won't need to do that next year - at the rate I'm not using my vacation time, I'll have 2-3 weeks' leave to roll over in September). .

If the truth be told, I'm always impatient at this time of the month. It used to be a feast-famine reaction: Payday = Money to spend. (Yay!!! Just think of the possibilities! Oops, it's all gone!) Two days before Payday = No money left = Almost broke. (Booo! Must. Have. Cash. Now!) However, over the last few months, since I got serious about micro-managing my money, I've become impatient for Payday so that I can do my accounts and work out how much further my overdraft should decrease next month. I want the virtuous reward of watching that balance go down.

In theory, I could work out my tax position and take-home-pay position for the next year, but I'm too lazy. Instead, I'm impatiently checking our electronic payslip system every morning to see if the data's been posted yet. (Also, once it's there on the screen and in my bank account, I'll know the b*stards have followed through with their promise.) Only two days to go.

- Pam

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