Wednesday, 24 March 2010


It's been a hellish week, very busy and very exhausting.  Today, I was up at 4.45am in order to catch the shuttle to Glasgow.  I got home at 7pm.   Anyway, enough of me moaning.  Here is what you really want - photos of the house!

Here are some before photos of the lounge taken when it was being used as a temporary resting place for stuff on the way to the storage locker.   This is the view towards the front window.  Note the cork tiles on the chimney breast and the suspended ceiling with the huge (useless) spot-lights.

And the view towards the kitchen:

The piano was the last piece of furniture to be moved.  It's being stored by specialist piano movers. 

On the left, you can just see the platform that was built over the floor where the original kitchen was until the '70's.  And one of the brick feature walls.  (Yes, that is the current kitchen through those doors.)  Did I mention that we think the old owners used that space as a bar area?  Seems logical when you look at it.

The only thing that is missing is the 1970's padded bar.  This is what was behind all those bricks:
They're all gone now, along with the tiles you can see.  So is the suspended ceiling (hello floorboards!).  I think the paint you can see is original, dating from 1939.  If you look closely, you can see the line of the old picture rails and, higher up, the line where the suspended ceiling was attached.

We've also kissed good-bye to the cork tiles on the chimney:

The pipes are from the back boiler, which will be removed next week together with the gas fire.  (I want to install a wood-fire stove but we'll have to save up for that.)

The last big change is to the lounge room door.  On the left, is the doorway we're filling in.  It dates from the '70's.  On the right, is the original doorway, which we've opened up again.  The plan is to put the sofa in front of this wall but we're now worried it'll be too long.

- Pam


Myownigloo said...

Oh, my! Can't wait to see the "after" shots!

Mother of Chaos said...

Wow oh wow oh wow! This is going to be soooo awesome!

(Keep thinking that. The point at which all the dust and bother and tripping over stuff starts to make you question whether this was a good idea comes quickly. It will be AWESOME!!!)

km said...

WOW. When you renovate, you do NOT mess around! The cork tiles on the fireplace just kill me, but I have to admit I kind of like the red tiles. Not that I would want to live with them - but they're awesome, in an "Omigod can you believe this?!" kind of way.