Sunday, 3 January 2010

Dear Twitter Users

Who are you and why are you "following" me? Since I have never posted a tweet and never will, you must be very bored.

The only reason I joined was to read Mark Kermode's Oscar predictions last year. Kermode ran out of time during his regular, Friday afternoon radio slot so promised to list them on Twitter. Which he did about 5 minutes after the Drive program had kicked him off the airwaves.

I really don't see the point of Twitter, nor do I see how it will ever be able to turn a profit. Facebook sells advertising space. Google sells advertising space. Yahoo sells advertising space. That's how they make a profit. Twitter doesn't sell anything and it relies on the ability of users to send/receive text messages from the most basic of mobile phones, which won't support advertising.

Is Twitter the next big Dot.Bomb????

- Pam (bemused)

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