Thursday, 19 March 2009

Dear internal alarm clock

Why are you waking me up before 5am? The alarm on my phone is set to go off at 6.

OK, I'll concede - I got up at 5 on Tuesday to come to Site. But that was a one off. It's no excuse for waking me up early on both of the last two mornings. It's not as if there is anything happening in the hotel at that time of the day: the kitchen is closed; the central heating isn't noisy and my neighbours weren't making any noise. Also my room is at the back and the hotel is a converted farmhouse in the middle of fields, so you can't blame traffic noise. And it wasn't as if you were waking me up with a Full Bladder Alert!! You weren't.

Please cease and desist from this behaviour in future and only wake me at the times I specify.

Thank you.

- Pam

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