Thursday, 5 February 2009

Pah! I'll see your Global Warming and raise you an Ice Age!

Unless you've been living like a hermit for the last week, you may have noticed that Britain has had a little problem with snow. It started snowing on Sunday night - there was a light covering when Steve left at 3.30am following our Superbowl Party. By the time I got up on Monday morning (around 9am), Britain had shut down. It's just as well we'd booked the day off to recover from watching NFL to the wee hours.

There were no trains, no buses, no flights. The roads weren't cleared. One of our guests (the Steelers fan) took 4.5 hours to drive the 90 miles home, a journey that on a bad day takes 2 hours (it's almost all motorway and highway driving). The other guest couldn't get home because there was no public transport.

Tuesday morning, I drove into work without any problems. We sat in the office watching the snow fall and the stuff already on the ground melt, both at the same time. A few miles away, my boss was unable to get to the end of his street, the snow was falling so heavily. Yesterday, the same thing happened. Last night, it snowed again. And, outside London, everything closed down again.

Honestly, it's embarrassing how this country can't cope with a bit of weather. Granted, this was the first heavy snowfall that we'd had since 2003, but they really had no excuse. This weather was predicted last week. The first time I saw a snow plough in action was this morning! Wonder what will happen if it gets seriously cold again?

- Pam

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