Saturday, 7 February 2009

I want snow tyres (or chains)!

We had another snow fall yesterday morning. It was dry and fluffy stuff, when I went out to scrape it off the car. I got as far as clearing the driver's door when I thought "better be prepared" and dashed in doors to get a flask of coffee and my "handbag knitting". (I'll be damned if I'm stuck in the car for hours with nothing to knit.)

Crawled out to the motorway behind a string of other cars. I got half way out to the junction and considered turning back, deciding that if the M4 was bad I'd go down to the next junction and then come home. The 2 miles to the M4 were a combination of slip, slip, crawl, stop, look, slip. This is on a main road. Gritters? I'm not sure our local council has any.

They are predicting another week of this. I haven't got a clue where I'd buy them (and I've never driven with them) but I'm reaching the point where I want chains for the car. I thought about getting them last time England ground to a holt, in 2003. Why, oh, why didn't I????

- Pam

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Brenda said...

That amount of snow fall is quite something! Did you get out and build a snowman... er... snowperson? It's good knitting weather, though, isn't it ?