Saturday, 6 September 2008

Meeting a "rock star"

Today, I met the Yarn Harlot

and gave her some beer

in beer cozies (aka stubby holders).

We met at the I Knit London Day.

It was a brilliant day. Stephanie Pearl-McPhee is lovely: funny, friendly, the sort of girl you'd love to be your best friend. A knitting rock star! There were hundreds of people queuing up to meet her

and she was lovely and gracious to each and every one.

Thank you for a great day, Stephanie. I'm tired* from shopping and queuing, you must be exhausted from talking and signing and being "on stage" for hours.

- Pam

PS: And a big "Thank you" to DH, who not only braved a day full of yarn and knitters (as a complete muggle), but also carried everything for me, gave me yarn(!) and took the photos.

* My back is killing me again.


amy said...

yay! I've been thinking of you as she's been posting on London. I remember you said you had reservations to go, way back when. I'm so glad you had a nice day! And hurrah for husbands who understand.

Brenda said...

Great photo !

So glad to hear you had a great time. Stephanie does sound like a lovely person.


dafluff said...

Looks like a great time for all. Wish I had been there and love the beer cozies

Amanda said...

Brilliant, you gave her Coopers! I met her in Detroit earlier this year, and handed over TimTams, so she's definitely had the best food and drink from Oz.

Amanda (ex Adelaide, now New Jersey)

PipneyJane said...

Best beer in Oz, Amanda! The only beer I liked until long after I moved to London and discovered real ales.

I see you're a fellow member of the Tim-Tam conspiracy (trying to convince the world to love them/demand them, one Tim-Tam at at time!). Good work!

- Pam

Myownigloo said...

Congratulations, you! Lucky, lucky, lucky you. Hope you're taking care of your back and it's taking better care of you.

Mother of Chaos said...

Eeee! Fun! Isn't she a blast?!

I'm sorry to hear your back is bothering you, though. Not cool.