Tuesday, 1 January 2008

New Year's Resolutions

OK. Time to 'fess up. How many New Year's Resolutions did you make?

I habitually use the time between Christmas and New Year to reflect on my goals for the forthcoming year and to day-dream about where I would like life to take me. One year, I actually started my exercise goal on Boxing Day. Most years, I've written it all down in the back of an A5 day-per-page diary and promptly forgotten about it. This year, I decided to blog about it instead.

I've come up with some big categories under which I've placed sub-goals. So, drum roll please, here are my New Year's Resolutions:-


I'm determined to put exercise back into my morning routine: yoga for January, then alternating between yoga and running for February, adding weight training in March. I don't have a target yet for my running - should I aim for a half marathon? I currently can't run to the end of the street!

Later in the year, I was thinking of starting in September, I'd like to do some sort of self-defence training, e.g. Krav Maga or kick-boxing.

Oh, and this year, I will get my weight back to below 9 stone (which will put me below my goal weight for Weight Watchers).


Just before Christmas, work surprised me with a 5.5% pay rise. Although the place has improved, I'm going to continue to job hunt. I want to work somewhere friendly. And I want the possibility of career progression, which I don't have now.

Home and Garden

I have four goals for our garden;-
  1. Create a proper flower garden in the front.
  2. Create a viable vegetable garden in the back.
  3. Get a new "garden cupboard" to store the mower, the cushions for the garden furniture and the gardening tools.
  4. Remove the existing tumbling-down wooden shed.
And I have a few for the house, mainly:-
  1. Sell my flat. This project has been dormant for months and needs to be completed. We could do with the money AND other things depend on it, like renovating this house.
  2. Wash up each night before I go to bed, instead of leaving the dishes until the next morning.
  3. Zone the house and spend 15 minutes a day tidying up, decluttering and cleaning. Surely I can do 15 minutes? Note, this excludes normal "kitchen tidying".
  4. Continue to sort out my wardrobe. I took a large bag of clothes to the charity shop on Saturday and I'm sure there are other items to follow.
How's that for New Year's resolutions?

- Pam

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