Monday, 21 January 2008

Miss Fixit - that's me

Today, I'm feeling better. Not brilliant. Not "normal". Just better than yesterday. Sadly, circumstances (a trip to the Netherlands tomorrow for meetings I have to attend) meant that I had to go into work today, but I escaped as soon as I could.

Naturally, today was the day that Crisis hit the Procurement Team and was dumped in my lap! Who'd have thought that there would be a problem importing widgets into Italy so that a supplier could turn them into whats-its? Well, I'd have thought Procurement for a start. After all, it's their speciality.

Nuh-uh. Who had to fix it? Me. The project accountant. I know very little about importing ANYTHING from outside the EU - why would I? I've worked in service industries for the last 18 years. I know LOTS about accounting for "long term projects". But, it's known that I spent a day trying to work out if we'd have a problem with import duty bringing stuff into the UK for this project. So now, I'm the "universal expert" in the subject. Huh?

I got on the phone, obtained a definition of the problem (supplier can't clear the goods from Customs because they don't own them) and asked for a solution (I was told that if I issued a pro-forma invoice that'd do the trick). Got the solution cleared by the supplier, the man at Italian Customs and the expediter. Raised the invoice, emailed it off and then got the hell out of dodge!

I have no idea if I have all the stuff I'll need for the next two days. I'm sure that there is work I haven't done (tough titties boys!). However, I'll cope. I'll wing it if I have to. Right now, I'm too shattered to give a damn.

- Pam (next time, I'm bringing my laptop home for the weekend. It's the real reason I went in.)

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