Thursday, 25 October 2007

Not dead yet, either

I've been at Site for most of this week: a 504 mile round trip. My little Toy car will hit 151,000 miles by the time it gets serviced next week. (BTW, Mr Snarky, the Toy is a Seat Arosa, the cheaper, LBYM cousin of the VW Lupo . Same car, different badge, fewer inclusive options and no central locking/electric windows.)

What was really surprising about visiting Site is how easy it was to forget that 3 weeks ago, I'd just had surgery into a major body cavity. Everyone kept asking me how I was feeling and, since I've picked up Jan's croup, I thought they meant it because my cough would give a barking dog a run for it's money. (I even have the loud, inspiratory wheeze.) They all knew about my operation - it was me who'd forgotten.

Am I glad I my gall bladder out? Absolutely. Have I suffered for it? No. Am I sick of feeling ill? Yes.

- Pam

PS: If I could only get rid of this chest, I'd feel wonderful.

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