Thursday, 25 October 2007

It's official

It's official. Whilst I can knit and watch TV, drive and listen to the radio or cook and listen to the radio, I cannot REPEAT cannot read and do anything else. Nor can I surf the Internet and watch TV. Or write a report and pay attention to anything else that is going on.

Therefore, apparently, I cannot multi-task.

Am I the only one?

- Pam


Christi said...

I can multi-task somewhat (read/TV, crochet/TV, radio/drive, etc) but that study I read of claiming that motherhood makes us better at multitasking is utter crap. I may multitask more with El Burrito around, but it's because I have no choice. I've had two phone chats with my sis lately that I need to email her about, because the toddler-talk overlapped part of the conversation.

Stephanie said...

No. I can't read and watch TV or read and listen to the music of any sort including classical. Just can't. Not even light fluffy reading.

I can multi-task on other things. Just not reading. Probably not any sort of writing either. And TV and internet? Music and internet is probably do-able.