Sunday, 23 September 2007

A nice dilema we have here....

OK, I have a problem with my latest sock and I need your input. To do the foot, I need to swap to a different yarn, since I only have 30 grams of the fancy stuff. (This is part of my using-up-the-leftovers program, designed to cut down the number of "I can't make anything with this" balls in my stash.)

The problem: I think this sock would look best with a white gusset and foot (I'll do the toes in the fancy stuff). Opal, who made this yarn, don't do white. These two balls are my closest options - the one on the left is honey-coloured and more orangey-beige in the flesh; the one on the right is more blue, not far off teal.

Have a closeup.

Neither of them work, do they?
On the Angel Yarns website from where I purchased them, both appear much paler. I've used the honey-coloured one on my "prom socks"; I have another half-used sock yarn that will go with the blue.
Can anyone suggest a suitable white I can use? It needs to knit to a tension of 36 stitches and 28 rows over 10cm/4 inches using 2.5mm needles.
- Pam (off to try other websites)


Mother of Chaos said...

Meh. No, they don't work, do they.

I wonder...I know Lisa Souza has a sock yarn that knits up to that gauge. She does hand dyeing, I wonder whether it starts out white? I'll bet she'd sell you a skein of "just white" sock yarn - and there's be PLENTY left over to make another small pair. I used one skein to make three pairs of socks total - one adult and two child.

She's at

Myownigloo said...

I must disagree.

If the intensity of the hue were different it mightn't work, but since it's a solid bit of sock contrasting with pattern and the intensity of the hue is the same, I'm thinking either would work just fine.

I prefer the peachy one to the blue.