Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Knitting Projects Update

I thought it was about time I showed off some knitting. Here is the back view of the Reynolds Lace Tee that I've been working on. It took about a week to knit the final version of the band (since I'd knitted it up once already) and another week to knit the back.

I'm a bit further done on the front now than is shown in this photo. Part of me wishes that I'd bitten the bullet, picked up all the stitches on the side of the band all at once, and knitted it in the round. I'm not sure why the pattern isn't written that way.

Here is a close up of the lace.

That picture really shows off the pearlescence of the yarn, too. It's Reynolds Saucy Sport and it's a pleasure to knit - soft yet with a slight texture.

I'm also onto my third "Prom Sock"; part of my use-up-the-leftovers program. I've got another 3 or 4 partial skeins of sock yarn plus 2 whole skeins of yarn, so I don't think I'll run out of socks to knit. And my birthday present from Mark and Peter finally arrived - gift vouchers from Angel Yarns (my main source of sock yarn), so I'll be buying more sock yarn soon! This time, it'll be a skein of white so that I can finish off the other partial skeins.

I've had to hide this one from my MIL, because it's made with leftovers from a pair of socks I gave her for her birthday. Number 4 is now on the needles.

- Pam (off now to knit her way through England's Euro 2008 qualifying match against Russia)

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