Monday, 20 August 2007


I have a long mental list of things to blog about: the trip to Paris last month (PipneyJane Knits on Paris Metro!), the football, my knitting (I'm finally knitting/sewing on the bands of the snowflake sweater), several Prom Concerts, etc. However, it's all gone out the window - today I'm distracted by pain.

I've mentioned before that I'm getting my gall bladder out on 1st October. That won't be a day too soon. The pain is now almost a daily occurance. I've had episodes without a trigger; I've eaten triggers without subsequent pain; there is no logic to it now. Today the trigger was lunch.

So apologies whilst I curl up into a ball and grunt occasionally. Normal blogging activity will be resumed eventually.

- Pam


Mother of Chaos said...

Oh, Pam! I'm so sorry - that's what mine started doing toward the end, too!

Oct 1 must seem an eon away right now. :(

Hang in there! The difference for me was *miraculous*!

Myownigloo said...

Ow. Poor, poor Pam. Get better soon!