Wednesday, 1 August 2007


I ache. Everywhere aches. I even have a sore muscle just below my rib cage, at the point where the bottom right rib curves up to join it's sisters. It's a 1 inch square of sharp pain every time I move.

It's all self inflicted. After months of procrastinating (and the instigation of a higher daily dose of thyroxin), I'm back working on the exercise goals for the
WonderWoman Project. Amy and I are doing the Windsor 8k race on 28th September, so I finally started training for it on Monday.

Yesterday, I started work on toning my body. I decided I needed something more challenging than my usual weights work-out (who knows if I was doing that correctly/effectively?), something that addressed my laziness at warming up and gave me a whole range of stretches to do. So I dug out Cindy Crawford's
Total Body Workout. I really enjoyed it. Most of it wasn’t too difficult and I didn't need a large space to move around in (always important in tiny British houses). I didn't manage to do all the sets of every exercise - tried to do two out of the three - but it was a start and that gives me something to aim for. Can't do a press-up or a sit-up to save my life, though.

- Pam

PS: Got a call from the hospital yesterday. My surgeon forgot that he was on holiday on 10th September, so the op has been put back until 1st October. Hope the weather is still good then - I'm looking forward to lazing in the garden.

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