Thursday, 23 August 2007

My Hip Pocket Nerve is Hurting


Tonight is another Prom Concert, this time Handel, Purcell and Telemann. Unfortunately, my planning let me down and there was nothing in the house that could be turned into a picnic supper in the time available to me last night/this morning. (Also, inspiration failed.)

So, at lunchtime, I hot-footed it down to the only food shop near work - the local garage, which contains a Marks & Spencer "Simply Food" franchise. Three sandwiches and two bottles of water later and my wallet is £10.35 lighter. As I packed the food into the cool-bag in the boot of the car, a thought sent me reeling: "That's an aweful lot to spend on a couple of sandwiches. Some people do this every day!".

It occured to me that it's been a long time since I regularly bought my lunch. My mind rebels at the thought of paying £3 to £5 a day for a dull sandwich and a piece of fruit to eat at my desk. And yet, once upon a time, I did it and thought nothing of it. Now, it seems like throwing money away. I can eat better at a fraction of the cost if I make it myself. How far have I come?

- Pam

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John Davis said...

If this were the fool, I'd be doing a happy dance for you.