Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Who turned off the outside central heating?

Since Friday, we've endured a cold spell of epic proportions. Friday was a hot, sunny day - perfect for the BBQ I spent the day waiting to be delivered. By midnight, it was raining and the temperature was dropping. By Sunday, I was so cold that I was playing Exalted at the Club wearing 2 fleece, my fluffy-lined coat and gloves. About half way into the session, I wrapped the just completed sleeve of my Snowflake Cardigan around my neck to act as a scarf. On Monday, Britain hit the news as being colder than Siberia!

I just looked. We were even colder than Melbourne's minimum temperature of 12.7C and that's their winter compared to our summer!

Today, I'm sitting in the office wearing a cardigan under my suit jacket and fingerless gloves. I'd put my coat on, but it makes it harder to type (the gloves make it hard enough). Facilities Management have finally conceded defeat and put the heating back on, so I hope to warm up soon. My only comfort is that the annoying colleague who opens all the windows is missing today. (We usually have a ratio of 12 people freezing to death to her feeling too hot. She is a director's secretary. She wins.)

- Pam

PS: Oh, and if you're interested, the minimum office temperature allowable under British Health and Safety legislation is 16C.

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