Sunday, 6 May 2007

What do I do with this?

What do I do with this? I have about 15 balls of Rowan's handknit cotton DK (50g/ball) in a shell pink:

Or check out (the website doesn't do the color justice - it's much paler in real life, think little girl's ballet clothes pink).

I had this moss stitch sweater in mind when I purchased the yarn:

It’s from Pingouin, Classic Knits for all the Family by Sally Harding, published in 1994. The sweater is called “Irish Moss Sweater” and has a ribbed lace trim (I tried to cut a close-up but failed to get anything decent). I started work on it over New Years and promptly abandoned it a week later. When I tried to swatch the moss stitch, it was impossible to work out if I had the stitch count right or not (I think I got the rib right). So I decided I needed a bigger swatch and might as well start on the back. Six inches in to the main section and it wasn't working. The sweater would probably have fitted my husband. So I've ripped it out and the yarn is now sitting, sulking in a corner of the stash.

What on earth do I do with it? It is like knitting string; the texture is smooth and slippy and hard at the same time. The lace trim was a nightmare - no give when you slip the needle in to knit two together.

It's too big an investment to ignore - cost close to £50, so $100.

- Pam

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wrnglrjan said...

Could you sell it? Maybe not recoup your costs, but it would be better than having it sit around taking up space, non?