Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Wednesday Update

Visited Ikea on Friday night. I could spend hours wandering through that shop just inspecting the mocked-up apartments they have on display. I like the amount of thought they put into utilising the available space. We purchased a computer desk for DH ( - the Mikael Workstation in birch and white), some cushion/throw pillow pads (for 65p each) and a new rubbish bin. As usual, spent as long queueing for the checkout as we did selecting our items. There were still cars arriving when we left Ikea at 11pm! The shop closes at midnight.

This means that I get my pine blanket box back to use to store my stash. DH used it as as temporary desk for nearly 4 years (which meant sitting on the floor to type). I haven't looked yet, but I'm wondering if it contains the missing needlepoint of Simpson's Gap, my longest standing UFO. (This is what the Gap looks like in real life )


Sunday was Eldest Sister's birthday. We had a long and rambling chat on the phone. She's a chronic migraine sufferer and tomorrow they're going to investigate whether she has a small hole in the heart that may be causing them. (See this article from the BBC: They'll do an echocardiogram. I'm not sure if they'll do the procedure to plug the hole then or not. Fingers crossed this is the cause of her problems and that the treatment works!


At singing class on Monday night, I performed Kelly Clarkson's "Because of You" having purchased the backing track and sheet music last week. I didn't do too badly when you consider that I'd only sung with the backing track 4 times before the class (and that was in the car on the way to class, whilst I was stuck in traffic).

The sheet music came from , who allow you to print off the music twice once you've downloaded it. The download also contains a player which enables you to practice the melody and/or singing along to the accompaniment with the aid of your computer. I haven't had the chance to play with it yet.

The backing track came from . I've purchased tracks from them in the past and they vary in quality. Because of You is excellent, whilst Evanesscence's My Immortal which I got last year was dreadful (the pianist went mad in the chorus and their right hand notes are 1000 times too loud).


My friend A and I have just signed up for the Windsor 8km race on 28th September. See . As the picture at the bottom shows, the route is through Windsor Great Park. We're racing as "Big Girls Don't Walk".

I may be after you later for sponsorship, but in the meantime wish us luck that we survive the training. :o)
- Pam

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