Thursday, 17 May 2007

I'm bored

If I told you I hate my job, it would be an exageration. I'm bored - and I hate being bored. I'm waiting for the project to kick off - and I hate waiting. (I've always said that I wasn't premature, I was just born impatient. Why wait to 40 weeks, when 31 will do?) I'm so far away from the centre of activities for my project that I am the last to find out what is going on. As far as the project team are concerned, I'm just an expense, forgotten about until it's time to send the vendor invoices off for approval. I have so little work to do, that I'm begging stuff off colleagues and grateful for getting something to do.

It should get better soon. I'm in Manchester for a meeting to hash out the main project's job set up. Things are starting to happen. If my situation isn't different by my birthday in August, I'll consider job hunting.

- Pam (hate being like this)

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CK said...

Hope your job improves soon. I hated my last job, but it wasn't boredom. It was waiting for the other shoe to drop - the company had 6 employees when I started, and only 3 8 months later. It went out of business 11 months after I started.

Anyway, I've been reading for a while, never commented until now. I had to find 8 people to pass a meme along to ( ) and you're one of the few blogs I read regularly. Congratulations. :)