Sunday, 13 May 2007


No, not mine. :o)

Two friends of mine were expecting babies in May, so I got busy with the knitting needles last month. Both sets of parents wanted the sex of their babies to be a surprise, so choosing yarn was limited to white, cream, yellow or possibly green. We went visiting the parents yesterday, delivering the results of my endeavours.

Baby Zoe was born a couple of weeks early. She’s tiny, red haired like her mummy and the photos didn’t really show her off, so I’m omitting them. I made her this:-

It’s the Five Hour Baby Sweater in Plymouth’s Encore, colour Aqua, (I got the yarn mail-order from the Yarn Barn of Kansas. Many thanks to Melissa for her help choosing it). The colour is a bit more bluey-green in real life - I spent several hours praying she'd be a red head like her mum, or a boy, since it looked much more blue in the skein. It turned out to be an exact match for the blouse her mother was wearing yesterday. (Yay me!)

As Tama says, the sweater really does only take five hours, but I’d swear there is an error in the increases since I got to Row 26 and didn’t have enough stitches on my needles (I had 92 at the end of row 25 and not 103). I ended up throwing in a load of increases at the top of the sleeves so that I got to the correct number. Am I the only knitter who’s had this problem? Incidentally, I only used 75g of yarn and not the 120g required by the pattern.

Baby Bump hasn’t been born yet but will get to wear this:-

It’s my version of the Baby Kimono from Mason-Dixon Knitting (I put in buttons). The yarn is Rowan’s Cashmerino from my stash. Again, it only used 75g or so. I'm now praying that Bump is tiny, since it knitted up smaller than the Five Hour Baby Sweater.

- Pam

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Mother of Chaos said...

Oh, they're gorgeous!! Well done!

I've had that problem with the pattern, too! One time, I ended up with a "komono" like deal because I didn't notice the error. Feh. I think last time I used this version:, and didn't have that issue.